Engraving cut lines

I am using the trace feature to cut some of my kids artwork and was wondering if we will ever have the control to decide if each line gets cut or engraved. Currently the GF scans the image and sets up to engrave all of the lines including the perimeter lines, then if we select out side the perimeter it will set up to cut just outside of the perimeter engraved line? Will we ever be able to just cut that perimeter line and not engrave it? Will that kind of control ever be available for trace?

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A “cut around my trace” feature would be nice. More control for trace is in the hopper, but how/when it may be implemented is unknown. The traces I have done have mainly been done with a black sharpie. It would be pretty cool to be able to use a red sharpie to designate cut lines.

In the meantime, I have a little file with a few basic shapes that I made a while back. If I do a trace, I’ll use the add artwork button to load my basic shapes file, delete the shapes I don’t want, and then align the shape I do want to cut with the traced art before actually running the engrave.


I also have a file that I call “Chopsaw Cutterator”.

The file contains a single horizontal line. Really useful.


I have a file as well for cutting and I like the shapes idea. The files we were cutting are little animal shapes so the outside line is the animals profile and the GF wants to engrave that line which is fine sometimes, but with finer detail the some bits can burn off. The cut time would be sorter as well if the outside could just be cut.


Yes, you should be able to do that. When you click the exterior area outside the cut line, then go back to the design interface, you should see two operations: one is a cut (perimeter cut) and one is the engrave of the center. If you are not getting that you might want to experiment with clicking on various areas of the tracing to get a feel for what results. You just need to get a little practice with the interface.

Edit: just looked at your question again and I see what you are saying. I guess the engrave is too close to the edge for you? What you want might already be in the hopper but you might want to file a suggestion in the Support area just to be sure.


Was looking for how to specify the cut on the outer edge… I hope this will help me.