Engraving/cutting painted wood

Hi. I’m new to the glowforge. I was wondering if I can paint a wooden sign with acrylic craft paint and then once dry engrave on the painted wood?

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It is done frequently, just make sure there are no metals (like chrome) as a colorant, and no PVC as it give off chlorine that will destroy your machine in one try. Most will be fine.


Hey welcome.

It’s funny how you sometimes see the same question get asked by several people right in a row. You’re the third in the last six days, must be something in the air.


I do it all the time—- never a problem. I also have Minwax polycrylic over the paint. Just make sure paint and polyacrylic are completely dry for a couple of days before you put the transfer paper on.


What is the transfer paper and how do you use it?

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It is the paper that was on the materials Glowforge sent with your machine.


When you engrave painted surfaces do you need to use less power? I tried it and it burn marks were much worse than when I engraved the same wood unpainted. I used the same masking on both.