Engraving/Cutting Traffolite/Traffolyte

Hello guys,

Just wanted to find out if you think it would be possible to cut and engrave traffolite which is multi-layered phenolic plastic sheets. Tried to google around and saw mentions of it being lasered with CO2 lasers but yeah just wanted to see what you guys think



If it’s not PVC (it isn’t from your description) then it’s probably ok to laser it, as far as plastics go.

The fumes wont be good for you, so get your vent setup on lock first.

Phenolic boards are notoriously difficult to cut, so be prepared to wrestle with settings a little to get it right.

For the clueless, like myself:

I don’t know what result you can expect with the color angle, but it should be interesting.

As with all sketchy new materials: use your head and be careful of fire risk.