Engraving Deadpool on an Aviation Gin Bottle

This project used the glowforge as an intermediary step but I thought I’d post it anyway. I wanted to engrave Deadpool on a bottle of Aviation Gin since the company is owned by Ryan Reynolds. I sandblasted the bottle itself but I used the Glowforge to make a rubber stencil for the sandblasting. I also created a new method to get more detail out of the sandblasting by gluing aluminum foil to it and using settings that go through the rubber but not the foil so I couldn’t lose them. I went into more detail of the process in a youtube video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQGlX5U-JIQ


Turned out great :slight_smile: how thick is the bottle? was wondering if one would fit into the machine with the bed removed.

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My original plan was to put it in the laser but its just a tiny bit to thick by less than half an inch. But also in my experience even though its less precise sandblasting gives a better finish on glass than a laser.


Nice job. I started this journey of sorts doing sand carving several years ago. There used to be an excellent sand carving forum, but it closed down.