Engraving detailed images on leather what is the best speed

my name is Ronda from Layton, Utah I have been searching the community for questions on what is the best speed to get the detail in with this image on leather. Could someone help.

I would think you would want to score, not engrave, that type of image.

Do you have it in vector form? Which design app do you use? Most can convert raster images to single-path vectors.


Thank you I can change it to a vector I use Adobe Illustrator.

I have worked very little with leather but if you have a scrap or area you don’t need, you should test different settings. Use the Glowforge material (“Proofgrade”) as a starting point.


I’ve done quite a bit of scoring on vegetable-tanned leather. I use 350/50 with 1 pass. It looks good on light-colored leather. For a heavier mark you could increase the power some.


I would definitely score that - and use the PG thin leather settings - they have been golden for everything I’ve used them on (if cutting I use the medium settings as they’re a touch beefier, but for scoring you just need a kiss cut).


If you want the scored line to be a little thicker, you could try an unfocused score (this is where you manually set the focal height to about 1/4” higher than the thickness of your material). I’ve tried it on acrylic, not leather, but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work.