Engraving dishes (food plates/bowls etc)

Anyone tried to engrave a plate/bowl/whatever yet? I’m thinking ceramic based should be doable, but the glaze may ruin it? If you’re tried it, what did you use? What settings? etc.

Try a search for ceramic tiles, that will get a huge number of hits!


The angle could be difficult if you are talking about the side/edge, and it has to be less than 2" if it would fit.

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Hilarious question… are plates and things normally made from ceramic? I honestly am not sure lol.

Things like corelle dishes are ceramic, but there are also thick clay that is also a type of ceramic. Glaze, especially thick glaze is just a mix of powdered glass, and would be similar to engraving glass. Very thin glaze like tiles have can be engraved right through to the clay underneath.

I’d avoid plastic dishes and Styrofoam for sure :joy_cat:

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Awww all my dreams of spending hours customizing red solo cups for alcoholics… destroyed.


If most plates are ceramic my original question have been thoroughly answered elsewhere in the forum. Thanks for the correction to my line of thinking.

You would have to cut them in half to fit under the laser… would be great as a gag :joy_cat:

Now you just need to setup a rotary engraver and cut out the bottom of your glowforge.

Alternately ceramic red cup shot glasses:

BigMouth Inc Red Cup Shots, Set of 4 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B008S20I7W/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_HKX7YE2V9MAKMH6KJREN

And so on.