Engraving from bitmap image

Just received my forge today. UPS dropped it off at 9am. I let it climatize for 5 hours since it was freezing out. Founders ruler done.
I had prepared a bitmap picture to try out the engrave. It is about 4MB and it loaded twice at least I got a box to adjust settings but no artwork available message. I reduced it to 2MB and gave up after 10 minutes of loading.
I saved it as an SVG and it loaded fine. I tried to print it on .26 double wall kraft cardboard. (White). Tried a few settings I found in the forum but quit the prints as they didn’t have enough detail/contrast.
What file size should my bitmap be BMP to load? Is there a place on the forum for material settings? Seems I find them buried in topics unrelated. Non-proofgrade of course. Thx


Congrats on the :glowforge: delivery and prints!

Any non-proofgrade settings are discussed in ‘Beyond the Manual’. You can search there for settings, but I have found I need to test every different material to dial in the settings that suited me.
I did sneak some settings in Here. Earlier in the thread is an engraving I did on some vellum with them.


Thank you, should lead to less fires. :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry you weren’t able to upload your file. You asked about file size for BMP, which is a kind of file that we can’t process. We plan to add support for more file types as well as develop software plugins to simplify printing. Right now the only accepted file formats are: JPG, PNG, SVG and PDF.

Regarding settings for non-Proofgrade materials, this question is outside our team’s scope. I’ve moved it to the Beyond the Manual so the discussion can continue there.

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