Engraving glass?

I’m so sorry, I only saw this now. Thank you for that response, I’m ashamed to say I haven’t even tried as work got crazy. Going back to this now that I have some time and I appreciate the tips!

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No worries Dana- life does get crazy at times…
What I engraved was for an art project (lower small circle) but if I was doing glass plates, I would invert the text and print on the underside. Less likely hood of any glass particles or microbes being near the food.


Great point, and that is gorgeous, I would love to learn how to do all these great things you guys post!

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Has anyone else had a “put your crumb trey back your work must be 0.50 from laser”
I got several this morning after 3 shot glasses engraves.

Reverse the print and engrave on the back for an awesome effect . Ive made many signs in the back of tiles