Engraving heavy cardstock on glowforge

I have not had my glowforge very long. I wanted to engrave some heavy cardstock for earring cards. Is this possible?

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Hello and welcome! It is very possible. I’m doing it right now… I found out that if I use ‘score’ setting on the cut lines using thin maple veneer setting, it actually cuts through it with very little char on the back. Play with the settings a little to get to what you like, and you will probs want to tape the paper down on the corners so it doesn’t fly away. I use 110 heavy cardstock from Michaels, and I engrave my biz name first and then cut last. Have fun!


I use 10 ply (about 2.5mm) card stock all the time. I cuts good, although you will need to wipe the edges to keep from spending charr everywhere. With a little practice you can get some really nice engraves too.

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