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Here is what I want to do and any help would be greatly appreciated. I am engraving this on hickory cutting board however, I want the black to be deeper cut with edges so I can add a color filler where the black is without spilling out over onto the board. Can the glow forge do this and if so how…ribbon.docx (83.6 KB)

Adjust your engrave settings to get the result you are looking for. There are many examples of resin or paint filled engraves here.


Vary Power (instead of convert to dots or convert to patterns) will get you the depth engrave you’re looking for. You’ll need to look into the Engrave settings that come up in order to see what each one does.
Take some time to read through this: https://glowforge.com/support/topic/first-three-prints/working-with-manual-mode - and possibly the entire First Three Prints section if you haven’t already. There is fabulous information there that’ll get you on your way!


Depth can be added to an engrave by several methods.

With a bitmap that has different gradients of white-grey-black with vary power will get you deeper where it’s black to nothing where it is white.

With a bitmap that is totally black or a vector filled with a solid color, slower speed, higher power, more lines per inch, and number of passes will all get deeper.

Lots of ways to get there.

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And to make it look good after resin filling, you are probably going to have to overfill then sand it down.

If the area that you want engraved deeper is a separate layer in the Glowforge interface, you can change the setting for that specific layer to make more than one pass. more passes equals a deeper engrave.

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