Engraving inside glass crystal or thick acrylic

Hello people, was wondering if anybody has tried to engrave inside a glass crystal?
If so, would it work on thick acrylic? Like 1/2 inch or thicker.

“inside”, meaning what? Like on the back side, or literally inside the crystal?

If you’re referring to a bubblegram then unfortunately the glowforge isn’t capable of doing it. That requires a special machine.


Ya, thats what I was thinking of

You can do 2 halves of a design on acrylic and then glue the pieces together to get something like that - but it certainly wouldn’t be easy!

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I know, right? Those things are cool. I wish it were easy to do.

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Ya they are!!! I just watched a video on youtube, crazy difficult. Also machine was $23,000, haha. I guess I wont be doing these.


I was thinking of that, I have 10 mm acrylic I might try with and use uv resin to glue them.
3 passes or 3d deep engrave on 10mm acrylic looks real nice.

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I’d worry about the resin pulling into the engraving while sticking faces together. I wonder if gluing is even necessary…

Anyway, sounds like a fun experiment, keep us updated!


uv resin dries in a few seconds, I use it a lot to glue leds to acrylic.


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