Engraving Keys

Hey everyone! I have someone asking me if I can engrave some keys for them.
They seem to be older keys (brass in color), not sure what kind of metals.

Has anyone had any success in similar projects?

Just for giggles I put a key into bOb.

Even at full power//100 speed it did not even shine it up. Threw some mustard on it (not stainless but worth a shot for science).

If the old keys are stained with age you might shine one up, but you will have to put one in there and force a path to success.

Pretty sure brass will need to be uncoated and then you’ll need to use a marking compound. From what I understand, it’s one of the tougher metals to mark with a co2 laser.

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Could buy anodized blanks?

Alternately if you need to do this particular key, you could tape off the key part (so you don’t mess up the lock by getting paint in the grannies of the key), then spray paint the “handle” and engrave the paint? Do it in reverse where you have white letters on a black background and you’d be left with black paint letters.


Just note that aluminum keys will wear out a lot faster than brass keys.


But gives you a good reason to use the Glowforge more than once :sunglasses::ok_hand:t4:

You will not be able to engrave or cut most (any?) metals with a 40W CO2 laser.
You will be able to permanently mark it with CerMark or TherMark which is your best bet.