Engraving large piece

i would like to engrave a longer piece then fits in my glowforge plus. i don’t want to cut the piece, since it is a sentimantel piece for a family member. is there a way to do it?

Assuming you don’t have a GF pro, not with cutting off the bottom of your machine and voiding the warranty. You can search the forum for tips on doing that.


no, i couldn’t afford it :slight_smile: , but thank you

[Insert relevant disclaimers about safety, risks, liability, etc. here]


How large is the actual piece?

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it is 3 feet long, but i just need the last 4-6 inches for the engraving

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If you search the forum for “door hack” or “magnet hack” you will find some information about leaving the front door of the Glowforge open for engraving large pieces. It is not supported by Glowforge in any way, but has been done by others.


thank you i will check it out

Sometimes it works to to make something else that can be put on the piece or be a stand or holder of the piece, that way you are not changing the sentimental piece,


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