Engraving Laserable Plastic

Has anyone tried engraving laserable plastic? I have tried with some material from JDS Industries, but it seems to come out rough along the edges. If anyone has, what settings did you use and what were the results?

Any help is appreciated!


I attempted this with one of the settings posted below and it worked much better than before! I think the main problem was that I was told not to remove the protective layer over the top, so I didn’t. When I did it without that layer, it worked much better.

The first photo is a side-by-side of a name plate that was done with the protective layer and painted and the one done without the protective layer. You can definitely tell a difference in texture and everything.


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Can you be a bit more specific about what material you are describing? Laserable plastic is a pretty broad description.


are you talking about the 2-color 1/16" engravers plastic?


Try browsing through the search for laserable plastic. I know it has been discussed many times on here.

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That is the material I bought. I will definitely try out those settings. Thank You!

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some colors can be a lot thicker than others, and require more power or passes. Always test first!