Engraving machine gun bullet casing

Does anyone have any info to engrave on a shell casing. I have a basic and the current settings are not even scratching the surface of the be\rass casing.

You can’t. A 40/45W CO2 laser can’t touch metal.

You can mark it using a metal marking spray like laserbond or cermark.


agreed. 40/45 watts is definitely not enough. in ads i have seen phone backs engraved so i see why the op thinks it should work

Those are anodized or have similar coating, which can be vaporized by the beam.

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yeah, exactly.

Paint it first then laser off the paint. Either that or some form of metal marking product.

Thanks for the info, I had engraved a 20mm anti aircraft round, but it had green apparently paint or anodized finish. I may try painting the casing on a larger shell and see what happens.