Engraving on a finished leather jacket

I’ve got a client who wants me to engrave a pretty simple design that’s based on a lot of small pieces into his finished leather jacket. The manufacturer says it’s veg tan. I’m a little nervous on this one. Have any of you done something similar before? I’d like to know what to look out for in that kind of stuff.

I’m thinking about steering him into embossing it which might be a bit easier.

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I have not done anything like this. I think cramming an entire leather jacket into the Glowforge would be pretty hard.


Yeah I’d like to see pics of that haha.


That would make me nervous.

Definitely test on an inconspicuous spot first.

Remember that you can re-run a job (to get a deeper engrave) as long as nothing moves between runs.

Plan on having a backup jacket. :grinning:


Not to mention, most jackets of any kind are lined…seems like that would be problematic

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yeah, we’ve talked about it and are going to try stamping it with an acrylic stamp. I new i was goin to need to get creative with the folding.