Engraving on a glass mirror

I have a few questions on engraving on a glass mirror with the GF. I searched the forum in which one user successfully did it but, the user had a link for a tutorial to show but, the link is no longer valid. Some other post mentioned engraving on mirror(s) but there were no details on settings, setup etc.
My questions are:

  1. Can you use the GF to engrave on a glass mirror?
  2. If so, can you engrave on the front or back? I was interested on the back but both options would be cool.
  3. Does doing so pose any risk?


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Yup. Lots of threads here:



Yes, but I did not see any concise settings details.

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From the first search result: “In all cases , though, I use 1000 speed and about 80 power and 125 per inch.”

From the third search result: “try the settings below for Engraving on glass: Power 100%, Speed 850, LPI 340”


If you want to be even more concise with your search you can add the word “settings” and restricting it to beyond the manual, like this:


Searching the forum can be a little bit difficult, it’s very literal. I wrote up a little guide about tricks to use to help get the best search results, you can find it here under #12:


Thank you. I didn’t put the keyword settings in. I also checked the excel sheet.
Thanks again.


If you engrave the back you’ll get a design beneath a sheet of glass.
If you engrave on the front you’ll get a design, and a reflection of that design 1/4" below it.

Both can look cool - but the latter requires some serious thought or it just looks odd!


Just clarifying you can totally engrave glass with a Basic, Plus or Pro but not the Aura.