Engraving on Acrylic

Hello fellow Glowforgers! I’m new here and new to everything laser and graphic design. I come asking for help because I’m trying to engrave on 1/8 clear cast acrylic but the outcome is not as nice as I think it should be. I’ve attached a pic for your view. It feels scratchy and rough and I can see the lines in the engrave. Im thinking the engrave is too deep. I used the PG settings for “thick clear acrylic”. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

That’s normal.

There are other discussions on using a defocused engrave to help soften those lines.


That’s good to know that this is normal! I will definitely research the defocused engraved. Thanks for your reply.

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One thing you can try is to reverse the artwork and engrave on the back. Looks much better that way.


Thank you for that suggestion. That may give me the look I’m going for! I will for sure try both suggestions from you and @eflyguy to see the results. This community rocks! Thanks