Engraving on AirPod case

Has anyone tried to engrave a name on Apple AirPods case? We have the Glowforge Pro and wondering if it would work. I know Apple engraves on them, but not sure about using the Glowforge. Thanks!

I haven’t seen anyone mention it. In case no one else chimes in with direct experience, here’s some general tips:

A quick google says that the plastic is a polycarbonate, so it should engrave about as well as other plastics… which is a mixed bag. Polycarbonates include a great number of plastics, so it might melt more than engrave cleanly – it’s hard to say.


I’m not sure the case is engravable, but there are silicon sleeves for them and those should be engravable.


I, personally, would be more comfortable engraving on a sleeve the device itself…


my guess is apple uses a rotary engraver for their engraving. they have a lot of different materials they engrave on and rotary engravers have a much broader range of materials they work on.


Apple uses a laser, but not every model can be engraved.

They do it in-store in places.


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