Engraving on Aquacast Eco Resin - IT's SAFE!

I’ve been playing with Eco-Resins recently and wanted to know if it was safe to engrave on as it’s very much like a soft stone or ceramic material. I thought it would be fun.

Having reached out to the manufacturers of the main brands I’ve used here in the UK, which are JDiction who make Resincrete and EliChem Resins who make Aquacast - I was told by the folks at JDiction that they do not recommend it, however, the chaps at EliChem confirmed via their chemists, that it was completely safe! Therefore I’ve been playing around and have made a couple of videos you might want to check out on my YouTube channel. See links below.

I sought out similar videos while investigating and found a couple regarding Jesmonite in the US and one using Aquacast but there was no official confirmation that it was completely safe so it’s good that at least one of them definitely is!

I’m not sure if Aquacast is available in the US but they did say they’re confident that Jesmonite is also safe based on what they’d seen, but I’d still get confirmation before doing so, to be sure.

Anyway, enjoy the videos and I hope you find them informative!

Is Aquacast eco resin safe to Engrave with a laser? Monstera Leaf Demo

Aquacast Terrazzo Trinket Tray Demo with Glowforge Engraving


That Monsterra leaf is gorgeous!

I imagine the difference between “we don’t recommend” is that they’re not sure if it’ll look good vs “do not” where they’re sure it’ll do damage.

Yay for safe :slight_smile:


Yes, I have the feeling it is safe but they perhaps were unsure and just playing it safe. I’m determined to get full confirmation as it’s good to have a variety of choices! Thanks for the feedback!