Engraving on cedar

A customer gave me a cedar cutting board he wants a recipe engraved on. what settings should i use?

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The search function is a great asset you will rely on often. Here is a post to help you get started: Cedar and Unknown wood ~ best guess? (Kirigen Wood Stash Box)

We can only discuss settings for non Proofgrade materials in the Beyond the Manual section of the forum, and your best bet when possible is to do some testing.


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Without a scrap to test on, with intimate control of the power you can start with low power, and if the result isn’t deep/dark enough you can always run another pass - as long as the material hasn’t moved it will engrave again in the exact same place, so you can sneak up on the look you’re after.
After the first run the new bed image will show the design slightly misplaced, don’t worry, it will run exactly where it was if nothing moved.


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