I have some gorgeous Cedar 1/8" planks, but am not able to figure out the right setting for a cut. I went with the thick maple plywood, but it didn’t even score underneath. I notice there are not cedar PG materials. Any suggestions?

Check out #6:


My suggestion is to test. There is joy to be had in dialing in the settings to get what you want.

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Here’s what I have saved for 1/4" cedar closet lining from a few years ago for my Glowforge “Basic”.

The four small holes were used to “dial in” the speed.

Single pass for 1/8" cedar? Your mileage may vary! :sunglasses:

BTW: Cedar is a smoky, oily wood in the Glowforge. I don’t recommend cutting a lot of same


I do the cedar planks used for grilling with success. I don’t think it’s as dense or aromatic as closet lining so it’s no worse than many other woods in terms of residue. Slight fragrance when engraving but it dissipates pretty quickly.


Thank you! This link will be very helpful moving forward. So much information is out here so appreciate the nudge to the right area.

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Thank you! I tried your settings and they worked perfectly. I’m starting a little cheat sheet. Good to know about the stickiness. I am only using for a few inlay pieces.

You may find the GF Material Settings tab on this sheet to be very useful. I used this all the time when I was starting out :slight_smile: