Engraving on cutting board

I’m trying to engrave something into a .5 inch cutting board. With the tray in it’s too thick with the tray out it won’t cut. Any ideas?

There are some good tutorials on engraving without the tray over in the Glowforge Tips and Tricks section. :slight_smile: Basically you need to raise the surface of your material so it’s within a half inch over where the tray surface would be.


I’ve done that.

Take the tray out.
Then stack other board/books/plywood. With the placement issues mostly fixed, you don’t have as much concern about the design going off the edge, so you don’t have to be so careful about WHAT you stack. (Ask me about the ruined cutting boards…)
Place your cutting board on top.
Make sure your laser head will pass over the board. Manually, gently move the gantry/head over the board. Make sure the top of your cutting board is within .5" of the laser head.
When you load your image, use auto-focus on the top board.
Make sure your settings are right, and you’re good to go.