Engraving on impressart bracelet blanks with Cermark

Everytime I try to engrave it either wipes off and nothing actually gets engraved or it always engraves slightly higher instead of where I actully put my design. I’m stumped and I’m wasting time and product. I need help. I usually measure the distance and I get 0.063 but If I try to engrave at that distance it just wipes off. So I have to engrave at a distance of 0.4-0.5. 200 speed on full power. I usually do PDF and turn on vary power. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Just gonna push this over into #beyond-the-manual where we’re allowed to talk settings without freaking the fnls out.

I’d imagine it isn’t a focal setting issue but all in the setting but haven’t used cermark myself(yet).

Browse #beyond-the-manual and search cermark should get a lot of hits about its usage.


When you use the set focus tool do you watch and make sure that the beam lands squarely on the material to be engraved?


What is the product you’re trying to mark on? There’s quite a lot that won’t work with Cermark.

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yes and the square that pops up before you hit the button is centered on my item.

Impress art bracelet blanks. I have gotten it to engrave before and now I’m having complications.

You still haven’t told us what material the bracelets are made of. I’ve never heard of those before. Are they stainless, aluminum…?


Aluminum is hard to do with Cermark. (There is another product called Alumamark that works easier.)

For Cermark you’re going to need a high DPI (600+) and slow speeds. Aluminum dissipates heat better than most of the Cermark-able metals so you’re also likely to get warping with it that thin. You want to make sure there’s no coating on the bracelet blanks - they may have a clear coat that’s not going to allow the Cermark to fuse properly. If so, sand them before spraying.

I use two light coats of Cermark with about a half to an hour dry time before lasering.


Hey, thank you so much. Took your advice and it worked! Engraved very well. Just having some alignment issues now.


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