Engraving on olive wood settings?

I picked up some olive wood cutting boards at Home Goods with plans to engrave them. Anyone have success with this? TIA!


I would start with this search: https://community.glowforge.com/search?q=olive%20wood

You will find several users who have used similar material. Those will be good starting points and then you will have to run some trials to get your settings the way you want it because every piece of wood is a little different, or a lot different.


I have engraved on olive wood pen barrel blanks. It works great. Nice contrast depending on grain.

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Do you know what settings you used? I have a Pro

I don’t have a record of settings. The last print I did of it is all clear of settings now.

You will just need to test. A lot of it is going to depend upon what kind of design you are engraving and how the grain is oriented and how much variation in the grain density. If you are engraving very fine details and need a higher LPI, that is going to call for different power and speed.

I generally go through a routine using the default SD engrave for walnut hardwood. Then I ease up or add more power.

Start lighter. You can always go over it again to go darker.


Great suggestions. Thanks!