Engraving on paper bag

Has anyone etched on a paper bag. I have been trying for nights to get the etch to work but it keeps going through the bag. Any ideas :frowning:


I have to ask why? I guess if you must just start with a very low power and high speed and slowly work up until it leaves a mark.


Engraves have been successful on tissue paper and 20 lb copier paper. I am pretty sure brown paper bag could be engraved. I suspect your speed is too slow or your power too high. Keep testing and you will find the right spot.


Have you started with the 20# paper settings? That would be a good place to start then dial up/down like the others said from there…


That’s a Premium feature; they may not have it. But there have been lots of paper settings discussed over in Beyond the Manual over the years; a search in that section should bring something up. :slight_smile:


Gift wrapping; storage identifiers; logo work for packaging product; etc. Keeping my angora rabbit fluff separate from the alpaca, in a breathable moth-proof container, is why I would do it.

Hope you find results and report on it, @HolaLola

What type of bag: lunch-box paper bag (really thin), grocery store bag (robust!), fancy colored/coated bag (more robust)?

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I have cut and engraved brown paper grocery store bags with good success on GF pro:
Speed: 1000
Power: 10
Speed: 500
Power: 30

Good luck with your project!


I am seeing your post VERY late ~ did you ever figure it out? I had success putting my logo on a gift bag. (Not as professional looking ink printed bags, but still fun) I used the settings on this video and it worked well. :blush::+1:t3: https://youtu.be/J9vaS9M71Hs (Lisa Potts’ videos are so helpful!)