Engraving on plastic charger plates

I found out that the chargers are 95%Poly propylene and 5% polyurethane. My question to you now is how do I engrave on them? I had to take the crumb tray out because otherwise

with the curve of the plate it would’ve been too tall so I put a three-quarter inch base underneath it. The customer wants me to engrave on Gold and silver chargers. I couldn’t find gold or silver, so I found a red and thought I would practice on that. The first image is with blue painters tape on top, in the settings are on medium acrylic engraving. The second image is The same setting, but I did not use the tape. Do you have a suggestion as to what would be best to set it on to avoid a severe burn?





Have you tried wiping the after burn with rubbing alcohol. Not 100% on plastic but works really well on both wood and acrylic.

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