Engraving on Silicon Wafers (Semiconductor wafers not the rubber/silicone stuff)

Hello Glowforge community,
I am new to the community and curently waiting for my Glowforge. I did a search for engraving on Silcon and only came up with items reffering to engraving on silicone as in the rubber type material. Does anyone know if silicon wafers (as in semiconductor wafers) can be engraved using the Glowforge? Any help or ideas on settings would be helpful. Thanks.

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Hmm. not sure I’ve ever seen that on the forum, I’d google. Two things to look at: is it reflective in CO2 laser wavelengths, and would it offgas anything harmful to the machine (or you)?

My gut says gasses are going to be ok. Reflectivity, not sure.

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I found this and a couple other pages.

I just don’t have much time to dig in right now, but I’m curious.

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Based on a few things here and there I think there’s a chance - better if you have the Pro. Designs cut into wafers are more typically made up of tiny dots (rather than lines). I’d give it a shot - I’d mask it and then hit it with full power/low speed and see first if you can do a single line of dots. If that works you just need to figure out how slowly you can move and still get the right heat to the right spots :slight_smile:


Thanks Evansd2.
I need to do a more extensive search on other websites . I know the wafers are ‘scribed’ using a laser but not sure what kind or power of laser is used.

I can’t wait to get my Glowforge and start experimenting.

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