Engraving on silicone utensils

Has anyone engraved on store bought silicone utensils?
Wondering if the utensils bought in stores would have any chemicals on them that would not be good for the glowforge?
I plan on just engraving the handle of the spatula and using the same settings as a silicone watch band.

  • The silicone utensil is specifically from target and is dishwasher safe and is heat resistant up to 450 degrees F, if that makes a difference… :woman_shrugging:

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It is always wise to determine if something is laser safe before tossing it in to your Glowforge. People have engraved silicone watchbands, wristbands and beverage sleeves. I can’t guess if the silicone on the utensils from Target are treated with anything that would be harmful, so I can’t weigh in on this particular item.

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i’m guessing they’d be safe to engrave on, but probably not necessarily as safe to use any more after you pierce the silicone surface and it’s no longer smooth.


Silicone itself should be safe to laze. Chemically, Silicone is just Silicon and Oxygen and maybe some Carbon mixed it. Silicone cookware is often coated or doped with other chemicals that help food not stick to it, though. No way to know what those chemicals are, but they’re unlikely to be caustic.


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