Engraving on stainless flasks

Of course, once I got that can of Brilliance Laser Ink I had to engrave a flask for my stepson. And then I made a variation for his Russian father-in-law…


I gotta say, your placement game is top notch! Perfectly centered.


You´re on a roll @linefeed, keeping yourself busy exploring differnt kinds of materials and ideas. Congratulations, you´ve been bitten by the :glowforge: bug! :smiley:

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Fantastic. Love the analogy.

Now that is funny!

How do you do this?? It looks amazing! I want to try one, but would love some guidance from a pro if you don’t mind helping me out! :pray:t2::grimacing:

First step is gonna be buy the product that makes it go! :slight_smile: (there are others, and they’ve been discussed ad nauseum on here - but this is the one that @linefeed used)

I found this on Amazon - it’s NOT cheap, but it doesn’t take much.

You just spray a thin coat onto the metal. What I understand is that the laser opens pores in the metal and turns this spray into glass, which is then trapped in the pores when the metal cools, leaving you with permanent markings.

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I want to try this type of stuff but would never use it myself, so then I would have a room full of one offs to deal with. Looks great!