Engraving on Velvet

Hi I am looking to engrave on velvet? Anyone can let me know if it can be done and settings
Thank you

It can be done, but you may have to do some testing in order to dial in your best settings. You may want to start with the settings shared here for fleece and adjust as needed: Reubens Fleece Jacket


Here’s something else that might get you started - but as @dklgood said, you’re going to have to do some testing as “velvet” is not a monolith! EG. if you’re using cotton velvet it’s going to take more power than polyester velvet…but still not a lot of power overall!

(read down thread to see what they did)

A search for “velvet” will show you quite a few posts :slight_smile:


Velvet is commonly polyester. I have a tab on it with settings in this guide: https://community.glowforge.com/t/my-polyester-fabric-settings


Note that you can also use your Glowforge to make plates to emboss velvet:



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