Engraving on Wheat Straw Products

Has anyone ever tried to engrave on a wheat straw tray or any similar products? Is it safe to do so? And if so, will the item remain food safe?

I want to make a Santa Treat plate on this tray (linked above) but I can’t find any information on if it is safe to do so or not. From my research I have found that some wheat stray trays are fully biodegradable and food safe and some contain plastic add-in (still food safe). But the element of engraving on it (and it still remaining food safe) has been harder to answer.

Anyone have any experience with a product like this or similar?

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Welcome to the forum, we love new people here. :slight_smile:

Food safe? Almost no burned plastic is going to be food safe. There are a lot of nasty byproducts to burning plastics that I wouldn’t want to ingest.

As for glowforge safe, this plastic add-in is the question. Without knowing exactly what plastic it is you’re taking a risk that it might contain chlorine or other ingredients that might form vapors that could harm your glowforge. I’d try to find out exactly what plastic (resin) they’re using and go from there.

For some more information on materials and risk, check out #4:

Particularly take note of the chemical risk section and the do not laser lists at the bottom.


It sounds like usually these are made with polypropylene. But I would not trust that. It doesn’t clearly state and I would not risk it personally.

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To be sure, you may want to write the manufacture and ask about the composite materials.

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Thank you all for your responses! I was of the same mind and just needed others to say it as well :smile:


Thank you! I looked it over and I think you’re absolutely right. As cute as it’d be, not worth the risk!

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