Engraving on Xbox/PS4/Switch Controllers and Consoles

Tried searching around the forum but didn’t see anything recent about it.

Wondering if anyone has tried engraving on video game consoles or their controllers? Specifically I know depending on the plastic or material it can release harmful gasses, anyone know about these or have experience?

Any help is appreciated!

Most consoles are probably too tall? You might be able to disassemble the case and take the top portion off, though.

As with all weird materials, your lungs, your risk. I’d try to find out what plastic they are made of before I did anything. PVC is a machine killer, other plastics might be a @41north killer, be careful.


I’m no expert, but I would guess that most if not all video game controllers are made of plastics that don’t take well to lasering. There are very few that do, and I would guess something made to be thrown around like that would be ABS or nylon, neither of which are going to look pretty.


Open the case, most manufacturers will have marks in the injection molds identifying exactly what type of plastic it is, and will be visible somewhere on the inside of the case.


Most commercial housings are made from ABS or ABS/Polycarbonate blend. I would not laser these materials due to their outgassing.

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Thanks for all the info guys, seems like its more or less a no go! Will just have to make wood covers than I guess!

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