Engraving Photos On Dogtags

Has anyone had any luck with engraving actual photographs on anodized dog tags ?

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Would have to be a clipart style image like pure black and white.
It either marks or doesn’t, no variations.

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Variation would only work for materials like wood and such correct?

Well even then it is maybe yes, maybe no.
A lot depends on how the material reacts to being burnt.

Overall best results for an actual photo or greyscale design//photo will be unmasked wood.
It has to show burn variance to simulate color. Even if you scrub all that off, then you are still left with a 3D profile (which you cannot do on aluminum because it will not cut).
I got great results with an FAMU design on a dog tag, but was a pure black and white like I mentioned.

While I have not personally tried it on dogtags, shape dithering works for things that don’t do shades well.


I’ve had some success with pictures on dogtags. You have to make sure the picture is prepared before hand to get the best results. Convert to black and white and bump up the contrast for as much black and white as you can get. Full zooms and full power. Use the convert to dots setting with dot density about 75 or 80. Those settings have worked best for me.


Nice work and a wonderful keepsake!

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Thanks for the info! I’ve been wanting to make one of my Dad, since he passed in November.

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How do you prep the dog tags? With CerMark?

You can get them in aluminum already anodized.


About a buck a shot and can get in very large packages.


I’m looking to do a photo of my son and future daughter-in-law on thin wood, another mbr recommended cardsofwood.com, the aspen is a great shade of white. I’m a NUBE :slight_smile: and could use the best suggestions with photos. Minimum thickness of wood for instance. to get decent shading would I need more than .025"/.635mm? More like 1/16"/2mm seems likely. These will go in wedding invites. Also looking at best practice for photos, the dog tag looks great! I imagine wood could get better shading. Thanks, B.

Can you share where you got your tags? Also what do you mean when you say full zoom? You mean full power? And full speed?