Engraving photos onto PG clear acrylic

Hey all! I just got my GF Basic about a week ago and I am loving it! It’s amazing how precise it is! I have been learning how to engrave different materials and am now working with photos on clear acrylic. I use Gimp to process the photos and could use some help in achieving a better result. I’ve seen others samples here and the engraved images are so clear and more photo realistic. If someone could post share some Gimp processing techniques as well as photos of what your image that is sent to the GF looks like that would be helpful. GF engrave setting are appreciated too. Thanks to all and stay safe and healthy out there!


Forgot to ask…any ideas why there is a line halfway on the baby’s forehead where the lighting/brightness changes? The original photo doesn’t look like that. TIA

There are some tutorials floating around the forum, and @jbmanning5 wrote a cool Photoshop action that does a really good job of auto-preparing a photo for engraving.

I’d use “photo engraving” or “engraving photos” as your search term, and narrow the search to the GF Hints and Tips area. :slight_smile:

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