Engraving settings...what are SD and HD settings?

how to determine what the HD and SD proof grade settings are?

need to edit those (save my own named settings) for variations in materials not included as proof grade. ¾" teak engraves/scores differently than ⅛" maple plywood or even ¼" maple or walnut hardwood.

overburning some tests and barely scoring others. too many variable between Illustrator and PhotoShop pdf’s and thickness/types of material.

If you select a PG preset for an operation, then change that operation to manual, the dialog should be populated with the PG settings.

Unfortunately, the GFUI does not currently support saving custom settings.


I’ve always thought SD stood for Standard Definition and HD as High Definition.

@wbgraphic is correct about how to determine what the actual power and speed settings are.


Oh, nice! I swear I tried that last week and it always went back to 1000/1%. Dunno if I was doing it wrong or they fixed it on their end, but that’s going to be a huge help!

I’ve had the same experience. It seems that you either need to wait a moment or close the settings dialog to get the PG setting to stick before switching to manual.

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