Engraving stainless steel with a 60W CO2 laser!

Russ is still churning out very interesting videos.

I hear it many times that you can’t engrave metal but it seems you can with 60W, so I would expect 45W to work as well. Perhaps stainless steel works because it has such low thermal conductivity compared to other metals. This is what led me to try it out as a heat break for 3D printer extruders.


That is fascinating. Once you get a tiny bit molten, it now can be surface welded. That’s pretty cool Thanks so much for sharing.


That was fascinating. I would be interested in trying it out, especially with the pro 45W (still a little under what he was doing, but then I’d have to decide if my “man parts” were big enough to take that risk with my shiny new glowforge…(as a Texan I hate to be outdone by anyone…but I don’t know… :neutral_face: )


Also wondering if there would be a benefit to masking it? Can still hit the metal, but less reflection to start with, less risk of reflection back to the lens.

Perhaps somebody at GF HQ could try it for us and then sell proofgrade stainless it it works or tell us not to do it if it doesn’t.


Might also be highly dependent on the kind of stainless. There are a bunch of different formulations that have different corrosion resistance, different magnetic response blah blah blah. (If/when I can try on some of the stainless foil I’ve got; it’s also nicely matte.)


Sell approved PG metals, notate that any non-PG metals may damage the GF, injure the user, and possibly void warranty.

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This is amazing! I have lots of stainless and even some 303 stainless foil for making heat treat envelopes.
I can’t wait to try this out!


Wow. 22 passes and we’re through 1mm ss…? I wonder.

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Very cool. And he wasn’t going terribly slow either.

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