Engraving stone

How can I engraving the stone

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Some stones may engrave, others not so well. What kind of a stone? Your best bet is to experiment with settings and search “stone” here in the forum.

small rock

Use the set focus tool and make sure the red beam lands directly on the surface you intend to engrave. You may have to hold the stone down in some way so it does not move when the air assist fan passes near it. As for settings, I can’t wager a guess beyond saying full power probably wouldn’t hurt the stone.

Here is something from the forum to look at: Engraved crystals!

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Thank you

thank you so much this is my work in a stone


Exactly what the stone is can be important, also if you are getting it from the ocean or beach it should probably be soaked in fresh water and dried as even a tiny amount of salt will destroy your machine.

If the stone is a form of limestone or marble it will engrave easily but over doing it will break down the chemicals there is more here…

Agate is easy, Granite being a mix of different minerals can work on each one differently,


Nice work!


This is one of those Try - Tweak Setting - Try Again _Repeat until results are acceptable.


Looks nice on the stone, and like that you have added beads to adorn it.

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