Engraving the Rear of an iPod Classic


I am the owner of PiratePT iPods on ETSY and eBay. I just got my Glowforge and want to be able to offer custom engraved rear shells.

I have multiple colors and I did buy the Marking Spray which I am sure I need for the Chrome ones but maybe not for the color. I understand how to create the image I want but as a new owner I am completely confused by the Power settings

Was hoping someone had done some metal engraving and would have some tips

Thank you


Work through the tutorials here:

They’ll give you a good overall feel for how things work, and the last one goes through each type of setting and what it means. Definitely worth the time investment to get you off and running with your own work!


You can probably use the Proofgrade settings for the silver iMac but hopefully you have a spare or two for testing in case those settings don’t work for you.

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While the camera view has gotten way better over time(and also you’ll probably want to run the camera calibration to make sure you’re accurate(you can use a large piece of cardboard so you don’t waste the draftboard if it fails to run properly)), you’ll probably do well in creating a jig to hold the stuff in the GF with.


Did not see the settings for the iMac and I have plenty of them, Have a number of older shells I can test with

They are in the Proofgrade drop down menu along with iPhone 7, Surface pro, etc.

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Well I have tried 2, One worked, the other did not, I need to look more at the settings

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