Engraving thick pieces of wood

Need some help. Trying to engrave on a 3/4" piece of plywood but the maximum thickness setting I’m able to enter is 1/2". How do I do this? I know I have to take out the tray but what else do I have to do?

I have never done it, but there are plenty of posts on it here in the forum.



Thank you so much!!!

Make a few risers.


ok, so I tried compensating for the removal of the crumb tray, but now it’s saying that it’s unable to print the file. I did the same thing a bunch of times already on thinner pieces of wood. What am I doing wrong here?

A few possibilities:

First you need to make sure that you have brought the top of the wood into the range between 1.38" to 1.88" high as measured from the floor of the unit without the tray. You might need to set it on a piece of wood or something to bring it into that range. As a matter of fact, for a 3/4" piece of wood, you will need to prop it up on something that is from .63 inches thick to 1.10" thick. So anything in that range will work.

Then you will measure the actual height from the floor of the unit, subtract 1.38" from that, and enter the result into the Unknown Materials Height box before you place the design.

Make sure of your measurements and your placement before trying to run the print. Use a digital caliper to measure it and make sure it is accurate. The machine will measure in the center of the area to be engraved, and if it doesn’t see the material at the height that it expects, it might not proceed.

There shouldn’t be any other reason it won’t engrave, unless it’s really dark wood. If so, put some white masking tape down on the top of it so the camera can see it to take its measurements.


Thank you sooo much!!! It seems to have done the trick! :blush::pray:t4:

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Awesome answer! I’m printing it and posting it on the side of my GF, for ref.

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That’s a good idea! Think I need to do the same :joy:

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Thanks for the help @jules and @bwente. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!