Engraving thicker material for first time questions

Hi. We purchased two olive wood cutting boards from Trader Joe’s to engrave as gifts. I had some questions on the procedure and settings that would be recommended. I checked the thickness with an electronic caliper and they are not consistent. The fluctuate in areas generally 15/16” and 63/64”. Will that matter if in areas it is slightly thicker? If it is ok, I h e read I need to remove the crumb tray but I don’t know what I need to do from there. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance! Mike


The surface being engraved must be in the 1/2" focus range, so you will need to remove the crumb tray and elevate your board into the focus range. The surface to be engraved needs to be between1.5" and 2" from the bottom of he Glowforge. The fact that the surface to be engraved is not level will influence the appearance since part of the engrave will be out of focus. You might consider engraving in an area that is consistent, or you may try to level the top surface by shimming the board to level the top surface. Be sure to use the set focus tool before aligning your design.


Thank you. What settings would you recommend for the engraving?

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And should I mask?

I have no personal experience with Olive Wood. There are multiple posts here in the forum if you search Olive Wood. Here is one with a photo" AOWCB (another olive wood cutting board)

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Thanks I check those.

a couple of notes from personal experience,
Test test test, always have a piece that you can “play” with to test settings out on.
Find a wood similar to the one your going to work on if a exact match isn’t available.

remember sometimes an error can come out better that what you had planed. Sometimes by a lot.

Olive wood when engraved smells a lot like olive oil and smells wonderful.


I love that wood. What did they cost?

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