Engraving Very Thin Abs

i have a battery bank that is 1.23mm thick that id like to engrave. is this safe without starting a battery fire?

Ooh, I don’t think I’d risk it. :grimacing: Lasers are really HOT!


Yeah… it’s been known, for example, for a macbook display to be destroyed when an engrave crossed from the aluminum lid into the plastic logo in the center.

I don’t think I’d be engraving on plastic encasing a lithium battery.


Well, not DESTROYED, exactly, but I do get tired of the bright spots. :roll_eyes:


I did NOT implicate you! :rofl:


I could see you laughing at me between the lines! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If it is such that is too dangerous to pursue, any recommended alternatives, maybe veneer onto it?

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That would work, if it’s not something you have to fit into a specific-sized space. :slight_smile:

i can do that, the frontage i have to work with is 4 3/4" tall by 2 1/2" wide, woud it just me more reccomended to recreate the pecies for all parts and skin the powerbank? can provide a picture if needed of the actual powerbank.

Yeah, that might help!

ok, ill get pictures now

an overlay vector style image or svg would be useful. 2d flat vector definitley helps. Walnut proofgrade veneer would be used.
more images available.

From the look if you make a careful measure of it thin wood veneer would look awesome.


We all knew who you were talking about :smirk:


possibly with proper flat net tracing and Drawing your idea could work

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The PG veneers with the super-stickum backing, and some judicious living hinge work to go around the sides, could make that into a work of art!

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indeed. i should do a bit of measuring (already done) and make a template


With the stickum like that, if the grain goes up and down you should be able to just roll it on as everywhere that had the bend would be glued tight and the points not glued yet would not be under stress. Getting the angles right the first time would be the tougher problem.

what i was thinking.

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