Enormous Schwanzstucker

Someone wanted to know if Frankenforge :troll:
could engrave a gallon jug of wine, so they brought it over,
we started talking what is the MAXIMUM thing that can put burned / engraved…


It’s pronounced “Franken-Steen”.




Go big or go home!

Or better go big and stay home


be big and lose weight?

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If you can find the glass ones you could engrave the brewery name on them

The 5 gallon jobbies?- would that be called a GROWLer?

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I don’t know any special names but it made great cherry mead and jalapeno mead.

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I have the NEED the need for MEAD.

Pricey but cool. I guess the old real glass ones are expensive antiques by now. 2pounds of minced Jalapenos and 3 pounds of honey and the rest water- brew, then decant in three months or when the action stops then age for 6 mo or a year.

The flavor is enhanced over time and the bite gets less over time so at one point it is perfect depending on taste.

Hmmm… interesting!

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The brew was originally invented to be a marinade, and straight out of the decant it would take your breath away (literally as it was several minutes before they could breathe again) but after sitting for a year they tried again and very little of it made it into the marinade.

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