Entered a contest - First Inlay project I've done



I entered a contest recently that is still going on until tomorrow. Wanted to try my take on doing an inlay project using the Glowforge. Never done anything like it but I’m certainly not disappointed - made the Top 30 out of 233! Send me a vote if it’s appropriate to post this (no signup needed, just click the star) Contest link to my entry


Very nice indeed! Best of luck with the contest.


Lovely job!


Gorgeous! :grinning: :rabbit2:




I don’t know what it is about the horizontal lines, but the spacing and varying thickness of them is mesmerizing. Beautiful job. :grinning:


Thanks everyone! The wife is happy too! One of these days I’ll work on incorporating this into some furniture.


Win or not, I like it.


Really excellent work!


I was honestly surprised to get in the top 30 so it’s a huge win already. Really opened up a lot of possibilities for me in combining the Glowforge with other techniques.


You have every right to be extremely proud! You were in outstanding company. All the top 30 work is amazing.