Not for the faint of heart or those prone to fits of tantrum if/when itty bitty pieces break or need adjusting, but it is pretty cool :slight_smile: Made it for my brother so it was worth the hours of build time
I had to re-cut about four pieces that broke and one that would just not fit anyway anyhow without a slight kerf adjustment, but overall really nice file. Kudos to the maker.


Thank you for uploading files to Thingiverse! Looks great.


I love these 3d model builds.


Great gift idea! I’ll bet he loves it! :grinning:


And done! Lol


I’d make one too, but there is absolutely no room for it. (Anywhere.) :grin:


Make a TARDIS first then :wink:


Awesome! So, did that little second to the last round piece on the very top fit for you? Dang if I could get it to fit and I finally just re-cut it. Oh, and did weeding it drive you crazy too :stuck_out_tongue:


Everything fit together perfectly, but to be fair my dog did eat part of it on the first cut out so I had to recut. Could be one or two prices are mixed from different cuts lol


This is probably going to be one of the first things we make. Love it so much - thanks for sharing!