Epic Viking Longship

Hey everybody,
So I just wanted to put this up here if anybody had any questions about the Epic Viking Longship design of the month we could address them here. We are also planning on doing a live on our social media accounts this weekend to go over the games included and to talk about the design.


It’s a glorious design! I’m very much looking forward to making it.

Oh, that was interesting. I opened it to look and it offered an update - which then took me all the way back to the dashboard…I hope I got whatever was updated :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, we noticed a day or two after it had been in the catalog that it was uploaded with some issues and contacted Glowforge to fix them. With it being such a big design with so many pieces it was important to us that it was fixed asap. It all looks good now.


It is a beautiful design. I plan to make it as welll.


We are now live discussing the design.
Link for Tiktok

Link to our YouTube channel

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