Equestrian Jewelry and more

I work in silver clay, and the image in this pendant was created with a stamp I made using a photosensitive polymer plate.


Whoops! I’m getting an error when I try to click on the link Irene. :slightly_smiling_face:


Me too :confused: I want to see :smile:


I can see and it’s great. Just found out about metal clay… Just can’t follow that path right now. Need to focus…:grin:

I know. It’s so easy to get excited and want to learn every new thing! On the other hand it’s great when new things compliment each other. I’ve been working with silver clay for a long time and I can’t wait to make some texture stamps with the GF. Delrin is hard and can make a very small, detailed stamp (such as a logo imprint), andd there is also rubber for laser cutters that can be used to make stamps.