Error Message on AD Import

Well, I am having worse luck today than I had yesterday.

When this thing first cam in I was doing all kinds of things…and they worked.

So I created this oval cross ( was discussed before…

I’m missing something to make the fist large eclipse Oval a cut, the smaller eclipse to cut (hole) , vertical and horizontal lines to engrave. I’ve exported as SVG, PNG…I am getting bitmap error. I have printed it and tried to trace from bed but it will not split up the layers for assigment.


Anything you want to CUT needs to not have a fill color. If there’s a fill, the GF assumes you want it engraved.

Anything with a stroke (outline) but no fill will be interpreted as a cut.

I can’t tell for sure from the photo, but it looks like your cross is just two lines. It would make more sense to set that to SCORE rather than engrave, since it’s not a shape that can be filled. (A score is like a cut except it doesn’t go all the way through.)

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Change the color of the outer oval, and set it to STROKE color, no fill as @geek2nurse mentioned. then you have 2 separate ‘operations’. Each color is a separate operation…


Ok…I managed to use the right thing that time.

Whooo…I may turn that baby on and print something today…!


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