Error preparing print

Uploads fine, scans, starts preparing, then this pops up. The issue persists.

It’s kind of ironic that it asks me to supply details about what’s causing this error to occur. I have no details, but I would love some, since it might help me to avoid the problem!


I figured out what triggers the bug: I set up this artwork in Illustrator and then flipped everything horizontally before exporting. Without the flip, no error. So I’m guessing what happens is that it’s saving as a rasterized image with a transform applied to it, which seems to hit a bug in the Glowforge processor. If I re-rasterize the image after flipping it, I am able to successfully process the file.

So yes, “I got it working”, but please ensure there is a bug filed internally for fixing this. It should be easy to make a reproducible test case. If you need help with that, I can do it.


Seems to be encountered frequently enough. Would be great to have a warning about this.

Hm. I tried a search after I figured it out but I guess I didn’t use the magic words.


Titles often aren’t helpful and not everyone uses tags. I don’t mind digging stuff out for people because I know even if they search they might not find the buried treasure.


You could also try running the file through svgomg (SVGOMG - SVGO's Missing GUI) and have it strip out all sorts of potentially offensive things, like raster images.


Thanks. Good to know about that, but I really don’t need another step. It would be cool if Glowforge integrated that into their server pipeline, though. :wink:


Another side benefit of all the stripping: it does reduces large file sizes significantly. People have reported that uploading large files have caused the GFUI to choke in the past, although in their recent monthly postings they’ve acknowledged adding extra processing in the cloud to mitigate it. Just a heads up.

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Thank you for letting us know about this. There’s an issue with our software in handling images that include flipped bitmaps and it looks like that’s happening here. We will be making improvements in this area.

We’ve listed a couple options you can try here