Well, it took a while. I went through 2 other designs discarded for different reasons before completing this one. I know that I will end up with several, though and swap them out like outfits on a paper doll… lol.

I guess it’s obvious… Breaking Bad is one of my favorite shows of all time. Thus the name for my Escutcheon borrowed from W.W.'s alter ego/pseudonym. Still haven’t named my :glowforge:, though…:thinking:



I see the laser cats image, but nothing else.


Not sure how I managed to mess that up???
Fixed now, though. Thanks!!


Yes, that’s much more escutcheon-like. :wink:


I think those cats pulled some funny business on my post! SHENANIGANS! :smirk_cat: That’s how they do


I Am the laser!


Haha—good escutcheon. The engraving really came out great!


One of my favorite shows. great work


Perfect image for the GF


Great escutcheon.

Does anybody really have a cat? And would it truly affect them in anyway if they were outlawed? Because they kinda act like outlaws anyways. And really, all these posters do is provide questionable ideas to genetic engineers once they find a breakthrough cure or two and grow bored.


Whelp, that’s it folks, @Tattoo_Couture won the escutcheon game. Everyone else can go home now.


Actually, when I first sent this to the :glowforge: I used the Proofgrade Medium Maple settings for Photo HD (I think that’s the new highest quality setting???) But then I saw that the estimated work time was *THREE HOURS+ and despite all my repeated measurements with calipers and extensive advanced spatial reasoning…LOL…I wasn’t sure it would be a perfect fit.
So- I went with the “draft” quick settings at a 30 minute 16 second est. work time.

I do wonder, though, if this is “lower quality” draft, the HD must be AMAZING! Something I plan to find out soon!


Have a cat?,
Have a cat??
You say that as if CATS were our pets, rather than the opposite…

Which is why I don’t have a cat